LeadWithYES, Registered in the USA as YES Impact Initiative is a powerful platform that believes in the limitless potential of young African leaders and aims to unite them to share experiences – teach and be taught, inspire collaboration and, most especially, gain exposure to the rich potentials of Africa as the continent of the Future.

Our purpose is crystal clear: we aim to inspire and equip our YES delegates to passionately advocate for crucial social issues, develop into empathetic and ingenious leaders, grow and expand entrepreneurial ventures that will impact Africa’s future, develop connections for future opportunities across Africa, and foster a profound appreciation for the rich history that defines our continent.

Our YES Summit, a thrilling 5-day event, is designed to be a life-changing inspirational experience filled with adventure that helps our Young Leaders reimagine the beauty of Africa’s rich cultural diversity. Furthermore, our young minds unite to share their unique experiences, gain wisdom from veteran mentors and counsellors, and explore the bright colours of new African countries.

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Our mission is singular yet profound: to mentor, grow, and prepare the next generation of African disruptors and changers. Through the Kenya Summit, we aim to instill a mindset geared towards innovation, leadership, and sustainable development, fostering the emergence of ambassadors for African growth and excellence.

The Delegates

Drawing on the vibrant intellect of 200 delegates from universities across Kenya. We are setting the stage for a groundbreaking discourse spanning crucial sectors such as Banking & Finance, STEM, Creatives & Art, Legal, Health, Entrepreneurship, International Relations, and Community Development & Social Sciences – the pillars upon which the future of any continent rests.

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