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At YES 2024, we plan diverse activities to provide our delegates with a well-rounded and impactful experience. These activities will include:


Thought-Provoking Keynote Sessions

Engage with renowned speakers and thought leaders who will deliver inspiring talks and share their expertise on leadership, innovation, social impact, and more. These sessions will challenge your thinking and ignite new ideas.

Panelist Sessions

Participate in interactive workshops facilitated by industry experts and experienced mentors. These workshops will focus on skill development, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, and other relevant topics to empower you with practical knowledge and tools for success.

Cultural Immersion

Experience vibrant culture and heritage from all attending countries and our host country. Engage in cultural activities, visit historical sites, and appreciate the local arts, music, and cuisine.

Social Activities

Enjoy social events and dinners designed to foster camaraderie and celebration. These gatherings will give delegates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to unwind, bond, creating lasting memories.

Networking and Group Engagements

During dedicated networking sessions, build meaningful connections with fellow delegates, mentors, and industry professionals. These interactions will provide valuable opportunities for collaboration, idea-sharing, and establishing lifelong bonds with like-minded individuals from across Africa.

Tourism in Rwanda

Take advantage of Rwanda's breathtaking beauty and natural wonders during designated tourism activities. Explore the stunning landscapes, visit national parks, and experience the country's unique wildlife and conservation efforts. These activities will showcase the beauty and diversity of Rwanda, enhancing your overall summit experience.
YES 2024

The combination of thought-provoking keynote sessions, interactive workshops, cultural immersion, networking opportunities, social activities, and tourism in Rwanda will create a dynamic and enriching program at YES 2024. We aim to inspire, empower, and equip you with the skills and perspectives needed to become exceptional leaders and catalysts for change in Africa and beyond.


YES, aims to nurture your leadership abilities, entrepreneurial spirit, and social impact mindset

Through captivating keynote sessions, interactive workshops, mentorship opportunities, and

cultural experiences. Gain a deeper understanding of Africa’s history and embrace the diversity of

new countries you’ll explore.

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